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Cat Overeating – Understanding and Effective Prevention

Cat Overeating - Understanding and Effective Prevention  It’s rare to meet a feline friend who doesn’t have a slight obsession with food, treats, snacks, and the holy grail - wet food. But just like their human counterparts, cats can and do struggle with overeating and overindulging - leading to various health issues. What’s the reason…

Pet-Proofing Your Home for Senior Pets

Nothing compares to watching your pet grow into their personality and walk through various chapters of life with you. But with the years comes aging and walking into owning a senior pet before you realize it. These furry companions have provided you years of love and loyalty, and now it’s your turn to ensure their…

Our Top Picks for Cat Enrichment Toys

Keeping our felines happy, healthy, and entertained is a full-time job. While cats are sleeping most of the day away, they still need enrichment throughout to provide mental and physical stimulation which reduces boredom, stress, and the dreaded destructive behavior.  Playing with your cat by providing these toys helps build trust between you two. It…

Local Pet Rescues in the Upstate of South Carolina

While our client’s furry friends may have come from a breeder, a family friend, or found wandering down the road, many people find their pets at rescue facilities around the country. These rescue facilities are dedicated to rescuing, re-homing, and rehabilitating animals who’ve been neglected, abused, abandoned, or otherwise. Not only do they provide a…

Top 10 Brain Toys for Dogs

Your furry, four-legged friend is intelligent, active, and needs regular stimulation to keep them mentally (and physically) in shape. While plenty of daily exercise is crucial for our canines to stay healthy, brain work and mental enrichment provide a challenge for your pet’s cognitive skills and keep them entertained! Here are our top ten recommendations…

FAQs from Our Clients

Your pets are a very important part of your life, and when you leave town or need help while you’re at work, it’s crucial that you know your furry friends are in excellent hands! At Cuddly Critters, our team comprises the best sitters possible who will treat your animals like their own. We wanted to…

Socializing Your Dog Part II (New Canine Companions)

Once you have the greeting basics down, it may be time to introduce your dog to other dogs. It's good to limit your first attempts to just meeting one new dog at a time in a neutral spot for both dogs. It can often be problematic for one to have a home field advantage over…

Socializing Your Dog – Part I (The Meet & Greet)

You never get a second chance to make a first impression... unless you're a dog. First impressions are important, and also one of the first steps in preparing your dog to meet other people and eventually other dogs. While meeting people is not exactly the same as meeting other canines, this should put you in…

Pet-Proof Your Home for the Holidays

The lights are gleaming; the carols are being sung, and your dog is neck deep in a pile of tinsel. Yikes! Holiday festivities are supposed to be merry, bright, and full of love to share with family and friends. But for our fur-friends, it takes a proactive response to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. …

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