Practical Tips for Your Pet’s Emotional Well-Being While You Travel

It’s time for vacation! You’ve taken the time off work, gone shopping, and booked flights. Now it’s time to organize your clothes, pack all your items, and consolidate everything. But as you work on all the details, don’t forget the most important thing: leaving your pets for the duration of your trip. Although it’s a little hard saying goodbye while you head out on your next adventure, there are some easy tips for making your beloved animals feel safe while you’re away.

Familiar Items

More than anything, you pet will need items that are familiar and smell like you. Make sure their food, toys, and bedding are all laid out and ready for their use so they’ll feel a little more comfortable. Some animals have a special blanket they like to sleep with or even a shirt of yours that smells like you. Don’t forget a little bag with treats!

Extra Time

Before your departure, spend some quality time with your furbaby! Extra walks, cuddles, and time in the park will deepen the bond you already have. Your animals appreciate the time they can spend with you no matter what you’re doing, and a little goes a long way. Extra love all around.

Stay Calm

Animals are excellent at picking up the emotions of their humans. As you’re preparing to leave, keep your pets calm be keeping yourself composed. While packing up, let your animals sniff the items you’re taking and always talk in a reassuring voice. If you’re feeling anxious about your trip, your pet can tell and will also feel anxious. However, if you’re feeling relax, so will they!

Your pets are members of your family, so leaving is never easy. They’ll definitely miss you just as you will miss being around and spending them with them! But while you’re having a grand escapade on vacation, you can rest knowing that you animals are excited about your return.

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