Our Top Picks for Cat Enrichment Toys

Keeping our felines happy, healthy, and entertained is a full-time job. While cats are sleeping most of the day away, they still need enrichment throughout to provide mental and physical stimulation which reduces boredom, stress, and the dreaded destructive behavior. 

Playing with your cat by providing these toys helps build trust between you two. It can help strengthen your relationship and make your favorite feline feel more comfortable around you. Here’s a few of our favorite enrichment activities/toys.

Catnip toys - these toys are on the smaller side and are easily stuffable with catnip which can provide hours of entertainment for your cat and reduce stress and anxiety. 

Puzzle feeders - most people know puzzle feeders exist for dogs, but did you know you could get one for your cat? These specially designed feeders require your cat to work for their food and can help stimulate your cat’s mind to solve the puzzle! 

Laser pointers - nothing beats a laser pointer darting around the house as your cat tries to furiously smack it. These interactive toys can provide hours of entertainment for your feline, but use caution and never point it directly in their face. Since cats are natural hunters and need to feel as if they’ve “caught” something, when you’re ready to end a game with the pointer, shine the laser on a toy of theirs they can pounce on. 

Cat tunnels - exploring and darting through dark places is a chief priority for kitties, and a tunnel can provide your cat with a place to hide, play, and pounce on you in the middle of the night. The physical activity from running coupled with exploring their tunnels provides great mental and physical stimulation. 

Cat trees - felines of all shapes and sizes love being up high. Cat trees give your kitty a place to climb, scratch, play, and explore their surroundings. Being in high places makes cats feel superior/confident.

Whether you decide to get one of these items or all of them, your cat will thank you! Like all animals, cats toys aren’t a one-size fits all for enrichment and playing. Grab a few options and see what your cat enjoys most.


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