Navigating Dog Parks

If your furry friend is needing some exercise, dog parks can be a great option. Plenty of space to run, play, and wear themselves out. But on the flip side, there are a few things to consider when choosing a dog park. Visiting a dog park should be a choice weighed carefully depending on several factors.

How would you describe your dog’s playing style? Relaxed, easy-going, and likes other dogs? That’s a great start! But what about aggressive, likes to bite, and not as nice to others? Dogs have their own unique personalities that translate into their playtime, and realizing that your dog will be exposed to others may not be the best choice. Determine temperaments and personalities long before trotting off to the park.

What is the atmosphere at the local dog park? This relates a little more to the human side of things, but it’s still something to think through when deciding to go or not. If you encounter dog owners who are clueless to their pets being too aggressive or if you feel like the location isn’t the best (some dog parks are located on busy streets and intersections), then maybe a dog park in another location would be best. Construction of the park is also critical. Solid fencing, several acres, and amenities that include play equipment, water, woods, and fields are ideal for a dog park.

Lastly, consider your dog’s age and training. Is your favorite friend still a puppy or a fourteen year old? Do they know basic manners or are they still learning the ropes? Dog socialization is a great in dog parks as they offer a solid source of dog-to-dog social interaction. However, if your pet is too young or too old for a dog park, it would be best to keep them home.

Considering these factors will help you make the best choice when it comes to dog parks and your dog. Exercise and playful attitudes are always welcome, and it’s great for humans, too! Along with taking your favorite pooch for a walk, getting outside and enjoying the fresh air will do all of you some good.

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