FAQs from Our Clients

Your pets are a very important part of your life, and when you leave town or need help while you’re at work, it’s crucial that you know your furry friends are in excellent hands! At Cuddly Critters, our team comprises the best sitters possible who will treat your animals like their own.

We wanted to take a moment and answer some common FAQs to give you more insight and peace of mind when booking with us!

What can I expect from my Meet and Greet with our sitter?

Our Meet and Greets are a time for you to meet your sitter and for your animals to get to know them a little better. During this time, you’ll show your sitter around the house, give them tips and pointers for different animal personalities, and answer questions they may have. This is also the perfect time to give them your house key and any codes to enter your home. 

How long are the pet sits?

The duration of your sit is all dependent on what you need! We have options for 30 minute sits and 60 minute sits. Our sitters will interact with your animals through playtime, feeding, if requested, and snuggles, of course! 

Can I book overnight accommodations? How do they work?

Yes! We love spending the night with your fur-babies. Overnight sits are a great way to provide care for those animals who need a little extra help at night, need to be let outside late, or if they have separation anxiety and need someone to be next to them. For overnight visits, your sitter will be there from 8pm-7am and will keep your furry friends company as they sleep.

Will the sitter walk my dog, too?

The short answer is yes, the longer answer is to be sure you request this of your sitter. During your meet and greet is a great time to ask your sitter if they’re comfortable walking your dog and to give them an idea of the route you usually take. 

What if I have multiple animals?

We love looking out for all your pets, and that means we don’t charge extra for multiple pets in home. If you have multiple animals - we have you covered!

Can you take care of my birds and reptiles?

While cats and dogs are the main pets we see, we mean it when we say we love ALL animals! If your pets crawl, jump, swim, or fly, we make sure they’re well taken care of.

If you think we sound like a good fit for your family (or if you have more questions) let’s chat about it!


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