Advantages of In-home Pet Care

Finding a place to host your pets while you’re out of town is exhausting. Reading review after review from kennels and pet motels can leave you discouraged with no idea what to do. Luckily, there are more options available than boarding your animals. In-home pet care is an excellent alternative to boarding as it provides your pets with much needed security and feelings of wellbeing. Here are some advantages of in-home pet care to consider before you’re next trip.


With in-home pet care, you’ll have the opportunity to structure your pet sits any way you like with unique flexibility. If you have an older pet who needs to go out more often, you can set up several pet sits in a day, or if you would prefer only one in home visit you can set that up as well. Pet sitters have a more flexible schedule and are able to accommodate the time slots needed for in-home pet care.


Some pets have a harder time adjusting to new surroundings, and placing them in a pet motel or other boarding facilities can be difficult. Instead, your home is the most familiar place for them! Having an in-home pet sitter is a great alternative especially for anxious pets who need to have familiar places. Doing a meet-n-greet before you leave town will be an extra added bonus as the pet sitter and your pets can get used to each other inside your home.


Lastly, an in-home pet sitter can spend more quality one-on-one time with your pet. Many animals are bored or lonely when their family leaves, so take advantage of someone spending time with your pet on a personal level. The extra attention while you’re away will decrease anxiety and stress while providing a good bonding experience!

Next time you’re planning out the steps for your trip or vacation, consider in-home pet sitting for your animals. Having a flexible individual come to your home and giving personal care to your pets is an excellent way to ensure your animals are well taken care of while you’re gone!

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